Women Will Feel Better If They Stopped Wearing Bras

Bras cause skin irritation, saggy breasts, pressure lines around the body, and not to mention they cost a ton of money. They’re definitely not among women’s most favorite things to wear.

They come in all different shapes and forms, they can be push-up, or no cushion at all, strings and no strings – but one thing they all have in common is that they keep the breasts in a position that’s not natural.

So here we have some of the main reasons why women would actually feel better if they stop wearing bras – as opposed to the contrary belief.

No sweat under the breasts anymore!

You know how much bras make you sweat under your breasts – which makes them smell really bad after a while. Well, no bra – no sweat. Think about it.

It can also help to clear up your skin

Same thing goes for the dirt and the sweat that builds up underneath a bra and causes the skin to react and tight bras can also cause breakouts on the skin. So, no more of that.

It helps the natural chest shape

Even though we wear bras to support our breasts, they have the opposite effect in the long run. One study claims that actually, bras make the chest sag.

It can make your breasts stronger

If they don’t have artificial support, breasts will be free to develop their own muscle tissue and they won’t need any other support than their own. With the help of the pectoral muscles, they will recreate this tissue and will then be able to resist gravity.

It saves you money

Most bras out there are expensive, especially the fashionable bras from popular brands – but guess what? Going braless is free.

It can help to improve your circulation

Bras can also limit circulation around your chest area and by not wearing a bra, you’ll stimulate the lymphatic flow which is going to help keep your skin firm. Wearing a bra isn’t gonna harm your body, but giving it some love by not wearing one is definitely worth it.

When is it necessary to wear a bra?

While doing sports or any harder activities. Not wearing it during intense physical activity can cause pain, tissue damage, and discomfort, so make sure you’re always wearing a bra when doing sports.